Now that CBD is becoming such a commonly used method of treatment for various conditions and symptoms, many are asking the question how does CBD make you feel? The answer is a little more complicated than you might initially think, so here we will do our best to satisfy your curiosity about it. CBD can make you feel different things, depending on the strain of cannabis, as well as your mood or condition before self-administering the CBD. So let’s get to it. What does CBD oil make you feel like?

Does CBD Make You Feel High?

In short, no, CBD does not make you feel high. It can make you feel tired sort of like a depressant, but you will not feel high like a psychedelic drug or narcotic does. Some describe the sensation that CBD brings as similar to a runner’s high, but that’s about the extent of it. The reason that CBD does not get you high is that it comes from hemp plants, which is a different variety of cannabis than marijuana. While marijuana contains around 30% THC, hemp only contains trace amounts (approximately 0.3%).

cbd is non-psychoactive, how does cbd make you feel

What About Paranoia?

One of the great things about CBD is there are minimal side effects, and it does not make you paranoid as marijuana does. There is only one undesirable, known side effect of CBD, and that’s that it increases liver enzymes in just 2% of users. We urge you to be cautious about how much CBD you use. Start with small doses and increase based on how you feel. For example, if you are an insomniac, limit the intake and increase until you start sleeping well. That way, you minimize the risk. Every kind of medication comes with risks of side effects, and CBD’s risks are minimal, but you still want to be as responsible as possible. Moderation in all things is a great motto to live by.

Does CBD Make You Feel Tired?

Though some people have reportedly felt tired after using CBD, it is believed this may be a placebo effect experienced by those expecting to feel tired. CBD is used as a treatment for insomnia, but that’s not because it makes you tired. It’s used to treat insomnia and other sleeping disorders because of its effectiveness in relieving stress, which is the root problem with those conditions. So the scientific answer, as far as we know, is no, CBD does not make you feel tired.

So, What Does CBD Make You Feel Like?

If you’re feeling great, CBD may not make you feel much of anything other than a sensation of relaxation. But if you’re not at your best, depending on the circumstances, it may make you feel a whole lot better. For more information about the benefits of CBD read more here, or check out this quick summary:

  • If you have anxiety, there is promising research that shows CBD has been able to reduce stress and anxiety. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence, too. If you ask around, people will tell you it’s worked for them.
  • If you struggle with regular sleep or suffer from insomnia, then CBD can help with that, too. Again, there is research to back this up.
  • It’s no secret that CBD helps with pain. CBD oil interacts with the CBD receptors in your body to help alleviate the pain that you may be experiencing.
  • Reduce inflammation with the help of CBD, as well.


Hopefully, this article has helped answer the question of how does CBD make you feel? If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to try full-spectrum CBD products, then you should take advantage of natural, pure White Tiger CBD.